Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Day at the Park

We have been so blessed with a mild start to winter. I am really hoping we don't make up for it in spades as the winter progresses though.

Gwen and I took advantage of the wonderful weather and took a little walk to the park. She love the swings.

My big girl climbed up on the playground equipment all by herself!

The fresh air was so nice and helped Gwen fall asleep when we got home. She is getting back to a normal routine. The holidays really disrupted it. We spent a lot of time at my parents and she has a hard time sleeping there. She just doesn't want to miss a thing.

We are also currently dealing with not sleeping through the night. Gwen goes down in her crib, but wakes half-way through the night and wants to "cuddle in momma's bed." Not that I mind, but she should be sleeping through the night. Especially since she will be 2 next week.

I need to go for now. Gwen is requesting my company while watching Tangled!

Have a great rest of your day.


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