Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 2

Today was extremely busy at work, so I didn't have much time to think about anything, but work.

Random Thoughts

Yesterday I decided I was going to start keeping track of my random thoughts throughout the day. My mind usually goes off in many directions and half the time I can't remember what thought I started with. So here we go with my random thoughts!

1. 22 degrees below average. Yesterday was so cold. I actually had my space heater on in my office for most of the day. I am so over this cold. I want to wear pretty sun dresses and sandals. I am done wearing sweaters and boots.

2. My outfit yesterday was - Navy blue low-rise boot cut pants from Old Navy, grey pinstriped tank from Old Navy, grey ruffled sweater from Charlotte Russe, black heals from Nine West, Cameo from Lia Sophia.

3. Can't wait to get my engagement ring back. As much as I love my sapphire anniversary ring, I am much more comfortable wearing my engagement ring.

4. Going to Irish Fest Saturday!!

5. So excited that the lilacs are blooming.

6. Need to take more photos on a daily basis.

7. Need to start doing yoga again. I am a much calmer person when I start out my day with yoga. It helps me cope with things better. Healthy body, healthy mind.

8. I need to make more mommy friends for playdates.

9. Need to look into tot programs for Gwen.

It kind of turned into a to do list of sorts. So hopefully keeping track of ideas will help me update this blog more often. I sit down to write and I feel I have nothing to say, when in actuality I have a lot of thoughts. They just are all jumbled.

Today starts day two. Let's see how well I do!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am feeling very sentimental today. I picked up Grandma's watch from the jeweler last night. Grandpa gave her this watch over 60 years ago. It was in several pieces when I brought it to the jeweler and I didn't even know if she could do anything with it. It is running now and doesn't look half bad considering the aforementioned condition it started off in when I received it. I am just glad to have it on my wrist.

Now I just have to remember to wind it!

I know I should be working, but I find my mind drifting off so easily today, mostly to thoughts of my Grandma. She was an amazing woman and I miss her so much. Grandma passed away on Mother's Day 2009. She would have been 87 that July. She was from England and met my Grandfather during the war. He was an American GI who was 13 years her senior and they had a passionate love affair.

Grandma use to tell me stories about how they met and their wedding and I would and still do create pictures in my head to go along with them. Grandpa passed away when my Grandma was only 47. They shared 25 wonderful years of marriage. Grandma never remarried and was still completely in love with Grandpa until the day she died. I like to think they are up in Heaven continuing their love affair. They were apart for so long.

I often think about writing a book about her life and telling her amazing story. So as I sit here today daydreaming about writing the next best seller, which of course is a daydream in and of itself, I look to her photo on my desk for inspiration. But as the hands on my watch remind me of time, it is time for me to get back reality and back to work.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Life can be so frustrating at times for all us, but at the young age of 16 months it can be even more infuriating. My daughter is going through a difficult phase right now and she becomes frustrated so easily. She is so determined and independent and this leads to major meltdowns when she can't do something by herself.

Yesterday was a bad day for her, which turned into a bad day for me. She ate terribly and slept even worse. These factors lead to several major meltdowns, one of which was at a restaurant. I was completely mortified. She usually waits until we are home to self destruct.

I am trying to teach her to ask for help when she wants or needs something. We will see how this goes. Today is day one. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brighter Outlook

The sun is finally out and today is suppose to be the last cold day! My glass is half full again and things are looking so much brighter.

I am in a much better place mentally then I have been in awhile. Things are getting under control at work and I have finished several things that were hanging over my head. I received a very reassuring review from my supervisor, which also makes me feel like what I have been doing is being well received.

I am in a much better place creatively as well. Joe and I have been working on our photography and design blog and taking a lot of photos for me edit and play with. I also rearranged the furniture in the condo, which always puts me in a better mood and makes me feel more inspired.

I think Spring has finally arrived. I am excited and reinvigorated. I can't wait to open the windows. Fresh air, fresh ideas!