Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

I can't believe Christmas is over. All the preparation and the stress, and it is over in a day. I have to admit though, this year turned out so much better then I ever imagined. Gwen was so amazing and watching her take it all in was the best gift I could have received.

We went to my older brother's house for brunch on Christmas Eve. He and his wife have two kids. My nephew is 7 (8 in February) and my niece is 4 (going on 30!). My brother and sister-in-law put out a really great spread, which included blueberry french toast casserole. Yummy.

Present opening was crazy. The kids got a lot of really cool presents, that even the adults enjoyed playing with!

Joe had to work, but met us back at my parent's. We finished wrapping presents and just relaxed.

Joe had to work on Christmas day too, so we got up early and spent some quiet time together. We had coffee and exchanged our gifts. Everyone else slowly started joining us. My younger brother and his girlfriend spent the night as well.

Mom and I prepped breakfast and present opening commenced! It is amazing how quickly all the hard work that goes into wrapping is destroyed!

Gwen received a new riding tractor, table and chairs, movies, blocks, tub toys, books, a puzzle, and a bunch more, but her favorite toy was a Play-Doh set Joe picked up on the last minute. Guess what I ordered for her for her birthday! (speaking of which, in less then two weeks Gwen will be TWO!)

Santa was very good to me again this year. I received Midnight in Paris, Paris themed stationery, photo album, Eiffel Tower stamp, Eiffel Tower decorative picture, scrapbook paper, Plate to Pixel, KitchenAid Roaster Pan, a sweater, a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card and a bunch of great stocking stuffers! I am so blessed.

The rest of Christmas Day was very relaxing. Gwen napped and I read through my new book. When Joe got back to my parents that evening, we headed over to his mom's house. It made for a long day, but we had a really nice visit with his family.

I am actually a bit sad this year, that Christmas is over. Usually I have the tree down the day after and this year I am not quite ready. It will stay up for now, but I know I will be itching to reclaim my living room soon!

Have a great rest of your day.


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