Thursday, October 18, 2012

Burning the candle at both ends

October has been a crazy month.  Gwen has been sick and I have had a lot of work today. I dont' think I mentioned that I am back to work part-time at my old job.  I started back in the middle of August. I am helping out while the graphic designer is out on medical leave.  It is great to be back, but also very crazy.  I get to do most of my work at home and go in two mornings a week to do printing and meet with staff.  I also started doing freelance graphic design work for the hotel my husband works for.  And on top of that we also have had several photography jobs.

I do enjoy being busy and having more of a schedule, but it is beginning to wear on both Gwen and I.  Her schedule is off. She is not napping and she has become an even more fussier eater.  I know sleeping and eating issues are normal at this age, but it still leads to a lot frustrations on both parts.

We also have been cooped up the last couple of weeks because she has been sick. Result - a very restless two year old! She has energy to burn and then some.  I actually did take he into the office yesterday for a couple hours and low and behold she took a nap when we got home. She needs to be active and social.  I blame her father for that :)

In the little bit of downtime I have been getting, I have been immersing myself in Tudor/Elizabethan English history.  It is so fascinating.  Who needs fictional stories when these real life ones are so fantastic.

I have been reading several blogs on the subject:

Aside from the lack of hygiene, sanitation and antibiotics, I would love to have lived in such a time. Well, if I was a noble with the fancy dresses and lovely jewelry.  

Time to return to the present and get my day started.

Have a great day!


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