Sunday, June 5, 2011


All in all it was a really relaxing weekend - that was much needed. This was such a crazy week. I only worked 1 day. With the long weekend last weekend, the wake, funeral and being sick friday, I kinda had a vacation - from work at least. Now it is back to some sort or normalcy and routine. Gwen's schedule is so off. She has been at my parent's house more then home this week and we have her off her nap and bedtime schedule. It will be good for her to go back to daycare tomorrow.

Gwen and I chilled out yesterday. We spent most of the day on the balcony of our condo.

She just loves being outside, which makes me so happy. I was outside all the time as a child. Of course, when you grow up on 10 acres there is a lot of exploring to do. We basically had our own park where we could run around, climb trees, fish, ride our bikes, in the winter ice skate and still be at home. I feel so blessed to have grown where and when I did.

My parents moved when I was 15 to an area that was further out in the country. They still live there and I love being there. With Joe working almost every weekend, Gwen and I head out there a lot. It is so great for her to be able to run around and play.

My parents recently built a play set for Gwen and her cousins. She had so much fun on it today.

The garden is planted and vegetables will be ready next month. Can't wait for tomatoes ripe off the vine and warm from the afternoon sun. Simple enjoyments. I am going to relish every minute of this summer.

I am looking forward to more relaxing weekends this summer. Life goes by way too quickly and we need to take the time to enjoy the simple things. So for now I am going to relax with a beer on my balcony and enjoy the lovely breeze.

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