Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

Yesterday I decided I was going to start keeping track of my random thoughts throughout the day. My mind usually goes off in many directions and half the time I can't remember what thought I started with. So here we go with my random thoughts!

1. 22 degrees below average. Yesterday was so cold. I actually had my space heater on in my office for most of the day. I am so over this cold. I want to wear pretty sun dresses and sandals. I am done wearing sweaters and boots.

2. My outfit yesterday was - Navy blue low-rise boot cut pants from Old Navy, grey pinstriped tank from Old Navy, grey ruffled sweater from Charlotte Russe, black heals from Nine West, Cameo from Lia Sophia.

3. Can't wait to get my engagement ring back. As much as I love my sapphire anniversary ring, I am much more comfortable wearing my engagement ring.

4. Going to Irish Fest Saturday!!

5. So excited that the lilacs are blooming.

6. Need to take more photos on a daily basis.

7. Need to start doing yoga again. I am a much calmer person when I start out my day with yoga. It helps me cope with things better. Healthy body, healthy mind.

8. I need to make more mommy friends for playdates.

9. Need to look into tot programs for Gwen.

It kind of turned into a to do list of sorts. So hopefully keeping track of ideas will help me update this blog more often. I sit down to write and I feel I have nothing to say, when in actuality I have a lot of thoughts. They just are all jumbled.

Today starts day two. Let's see how well I do!

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