Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy & Thankful

Last week several of the blogs that I follow asked the question "what makes you happy today?" Well today I am happy because I have a wonderful husband, an amazing daughter and a job I really like. I am also happy and excited about our new business. Things are starting to come together! I was telling Joe, I have not been this excited about something, other than Gwen, in such a long time.

We are blessed in so many ways. Sometimes I complain and wish we could sell our condo or that we had a bigger car or that I had a bigger diamond, but none of that matters. We have a roof over our heads, 2 cars that run and a wonderful marriage. I have so much and sometime I forget to be thankful. Today I am taking stock of it all. Today I am completely happy and extremely thankful. I will not take anything for granted today. I am one lucky girl.

My glass is definitely half full! Enjoy your day.

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